Van Isle 360 so far.....

Well, here we are in idyllic Telegraph Cove, well up the east coast of Vancouver Island, having completed four of nine legs in the race.

The fleet have seen a variety of conditions, ranging from drifting in zero knots wind and 5 knots of current, to sailing with a reefed main and #3 (in 5 knots of current).

The current has been a huge factor in the race so far, with lots of opportunities to win big and to lose big.  Yesterday's Leg 4 was particularly interesting as the fleet split several times, with half the fleet on one side of the channel, and the other half on the other side.  Normally, this is very risky, as the further away you are for your competition, the more chance there is for a big loss or gain.  For most of the day though, neither side was paying off, and the fleet would meet back in the middle with little change in positions.

That all changed about 3/4 of the way through the leg, when Hamachi found a big gain on the far left side of the channel, and shot ahead by a mile and a half.  Some of the slower boats saw that, and followed suit, while the rest of us had to grin and bear it.

Below are a couple of videos put together by our media officer documenting the first 2 legs of the race.