New Mainsail

It's in the bag

In go the battens

A Big Day

Today, the big girl got wet for the first time after 4 long months!

Itchin' to go!

Line up the lift

A little touch up

The long drive home
So close!

Feet wet.

On the way down

Floating (no, I don't know why the picture is sideways, I can't get it to rotate properly!)
Here comes the stick


And, here we go.

Inside - Outside

Well, the bulk of the work is complete.  The boat is patched, has a slick new bottom paint job, the beginnings of the new instrument package are installed, and the mast has been serviced!

It's time to hit the water!  Tune in tomorrow for pictures from the launch.


If you're going to use a boat to advertise your race, it might as well be the coolest boat out there!